Where did the idea for the Germinis classes come from? As new mums we went to a bring-your-baby session at the cinema in Vienna. We were so happy and grateful that we were ‘allowed’ to go to the cinema to see this film because babies were welcome. That’s when Agnes realised it would be nice if we could provide a space for parents to learn German with their babies, too. And that’s how Germinis started... or at least, it was the beginning of a long journey.



Studied Romance languages, French and Spanish
Studied German as a Foreign and Second Language
Over five years’ experience teaching adults in various language schools in Vienna International experience as a trainer in Moscow, Turkey and Australia (Sydney University) ÖSD examiner for the Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch
Mother of one son (aged two)


Studied Russian, German and English
Studied Transcultural Communication
Studied German as a Foreign and Second Language
Over five years’ work experience teaching adults in various language schools and teaching children in schools (e.g. American International School) ÖSD examiner for the Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch (not currently practising)
Mother of three children (aged eleven, eight and two)

About Agnes…. by Sarah

If I had to learn German, I would definitely choose Agnes as my teacher. Agnes is warm, communicative, open, understanding, creative, patient and has the gift of always finding the right words at the right time. Agnes is a real language genius. She studied Russian and English and, thanks to her husband’s background, she also speaks some Russian at home. I got to know Agnes during her master’s degree in German as a Foreign and Second Language. From then on, we were an inseparable team. As well as the connection we have through our studies, we were also pregnant at the same time. Agnes gave birth to her third child, a son, just seven weeks before I had my son. In those early months as a new mum, I loved talking to Agnes about the ups and downs of life with my first child, and I still do today. With her knowledge and experience, I believe that Agnes can be a valuable support to many new parents, and that makes her so much more than a language teacher for me.

About Sarah… by Agnes

Sarah is a source of inspiration for me and many others. She radiates warmth, friendliness and optimism. As a friend, I appreciate her empathy, and as a business partner, I appreciate her energy and determination. As a customer, I would love the fact that she sets the highest quality standards for herself and that you can be sure to reach every goal with her. Numerous clients, including businesspeople and diplomats, can testify to this with their own success. Sarah is multilingual (she also speaks English, Spanish and French) and is so authentic. In her popular blog, Sarahs Worte, she writes openly about a wide range of topics and encourages people to find their own, individual path. As well as bringing her professionalism as a language trainer to the Germinis classes, she also brings her experience as a mother, which makes the courses really unique.