Ollia Reichart


"My family moved to Austria from Russia about 8 years ago, all eager to learn german, all knowing little to none of it. Out of the numerous language teachers that we all had throughout that time Sarah struck me as the most energetic and kind. Before she came into our lives each of us had a separate tutor - it was hard to find someone that could take on three children and two adults with different levels of proficiency and different energies. Everything changed with Sarah. She quickly caught onto our individual vibes and constructed a unique approach to every single family member. After the first lesson, both of my parents were happy with integrating and learning the “business language”, while the unruly teenagers and an overly active five-year-old were kept engaged through games and conversation. What sets Sarah apart from everyone else is her deep love for people that lets her understand personal goals, wishes and hopes, and make the best out of every lesson. To say that I recommend her as a teacher would be to say the least."

Cassandra Chong


"Sarah is wonderful, both as a teacher and as a person. I was her student for only a few months in preparation for the ÖSD German exam (B2 and C1), but within such a short time I really learned a lot. Her classes were very intensive but always enjoyable, as Sarah is a very experienced teacher. She’s quite strict during class, but she has a gentle and kind nature. Sarah made sure I was familiar with the routines and different exercises of the exam, so the actual day of the ÖSD was not stressful for me at all and I was able to complete the test to the best of my abilities. Apart from that, Sarah also helped me improve in areas in which I was weaker. It didn’t feel like I was having lessons just for the exam, but to improve my German in general. Sarah really cares about her students and she is proud of their achievements. Even after I stopped taking German lessons with her, we still keep in touch!Eine ausgezeichnete Lehrerin!"

Anastasia Sinaiskaya


"Ich habe Agnes Adensamer-Znamenskaja vor 7 Jahren kennengelernt. Damals waren wir gerade aus St.Petersburg (Russland) nach Wien umgezogen. Das Ganze kam ziemlich unerwartet vor, und wir kamen nach Österreich ohne ein Wort Deutsch sprechen zu können. Man hat uns Agnes als eine gute Deutschlehrerin für unseren Sohn Leo empfohlen, aber die Realität hat alle Erwartungen übertroffen. Sie war nicht nur eine gute, sie war eine hervorragende Lehrerin: Höchstprofessionell, engagiert, einfühlsam. Agnes hat Leo nicht nur Deutsch unterrichtet; sie hat ihm eine Liebe zur Sprache beigebracht und hat ihm einen Impuls gegeben sich weiter sprachlich zu entwickeln. Als ich später mit Agnes zusammengearbeitet habe, habe ich Agnes als eine kompetente und zuversichtliche Kollegin und auch als liebe und vielseitig talentierte Person erlebt. Ich freue mich sehr, sie meine Freundin nennen zu dürfen! "