That depends entirely on your goal and the amount of time and energy you can put into your learning. We consciously aim to remove any stress and pressure. The aim is for the Germinis classes to fit flexibly into your everyday life with your baby, not vice versa. But to give you an idea: for A1.1 level, you need about 100 lessons of 45 minutes each, and about another 100 lessons for A1.2. With a Germinis course, you will have 10 group lessons plus extra materials such as games, exercise sheets and videos so that you can practise at home. If you want to reach A1.1 or if you want to take the ÖSD A1 exam, within these 8 weeks, we recommend booking some additional individual lessons. Of course, you are welcome to bring your baby to these, too!

If you’d like to consolidate your vocabulary, get to know some well-known German rhymes and songs and meet new people, the Germinis courses would definitely suit you. We will also be offering a course for slightly more advanced students soon, which may interest you.

Yes, there’s room to park four prams in the apartment. There is also a lift in the building.

Our learning space is part of the Packhaus at Marxergasse 24. However, the entrance is around the corner, at Seidlgasse 21, on the 5th floor.

Sure. Our office has a kitchen with a bottle warmer.

Yes, of course! Each lesson is designed so that you can join in at any time. The lesson lasts 45 minutes and, as a mum or dad, you’ll know that it’s always good when you manage to get out and about, even if you’re late.

That’s no problem. The lessons are designed so that the things you’ve learned are repeated, so the phrases or grammar that you’ve already worked on will often be reviewed in future lessons. The fact that the groups are so small also means there’s plenty of time for any questions.

It’s important to know that our sessions are not like conventional, classroom-based lessons. The classic image of language learning is not what we do on the Germinis courses. You can breastfeed, feed, change, carry and cuddle your baby during the lessons. We want to make sure that no one feels anxious when their baby cries or doesn’t behave as expected. In our view, this is what the Germinis classes are all about – allowing and accepting these things that are part of everyday life with a little one. It’s wonderful to let your baby participate in your everyday life and interests. The Germinis courses provide you with the space to learn while also meeting the needs of your baby.

Yes, of course! We have a comfortable sofa for breastfeeding and a bathroom for changing nappies.

Sure. And just so that you don’t feel left out, we also offer dolls for practice!

Our experience has shown that two caregivers are needed when learning German with two children.

We can guarantee a place on the course as soon as the course fee is received in our account.